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Floral Easter bunny


When: 19.03.2023   /   17:00h

Duration: +/- 2Hrs

Fee: None

Where: Online Livestream - @emilievermeulen_designs

In this stream, we'll paint my little floral Easter bunny together in a step-by-step approach. Make sure to download the sketch beforehand, so you have the sketch on the watercolor paper ready to dive into the painting part immediately. In this stream, we don't go into the sketching part, because 2 hours would be too short. Make sure to sketch the entire body of the bunny, this is important for the first and second layer.

You will need the following Materials:

Paper: Use a good cotton watercolor paper size A4 or 23 cm x 31 cm... Of course, you can go smaller or bigger. Note, if you go bigger, you might need longer times for the steps and not be able to go along while streaming. So, I don't recommend working on much bigger formats. I recommend Arches Aquarelle Grain fin 300gsm  or Canson Héritage grain fin 300gsm. 

Watercolor: We will paint in one color, allthough I'll be mixing a little. Get all the greens, ocker and black you have. I will have perylen green, olive green yellow, yellow ocker and ivory black. 

Brushes: Round brush number 8. I'll paint with my Princeton Neptunes round Size 8 brush.

Make sure to have a paper cloth and water too :) Oh, and some scrap paper for trials or color testing.

I hope I'll see you there!

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